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For those who either come from a CrossFit background or have completed your fundamentals program, we offer up to seven classes per day, led by a certified coach. Consisting of a warm-up, targeted mobility, a strength component, skill work and metabolic conditioning, these classes cover a wide, but targeted range of material to ensure each member challenges themselves.

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Fit30 classes are specifically designed for individuals who want constantly varied, high-intensity workouts without the heavy lifting and technical movements.  Fit30 is a great way to get into shape using basic bodyweight movements, plyometrics, running, rowing, jump ropes, kettle-bells, dumbbells, and medicine balls.

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CrossFit Kids in Eden, NC

Kid Fit

Kid Fit (age 5-10 years old) is a strength and conditioning program that is specifically designed for kids and helps them develop a life long love of fitness. In a group setting, kids participate in fun and engaging workouts that deliver measurable results and prepare them to be well rounded athletes.

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Personal Training and Skill Sessions

Anyone with unique or difficult schedules or those looking for specific skill work are encouraged to schedule personal training sessions. Our coaches will develop a focused curriculum to address any of your concerns or provide more in-depth instruction on anything of your choosing. We offer both individual and group instruction at times of your convenience.

Personal Training in Eden, NC

Nutrition Program in Eden, NC


Are you experiencing challenges when it comes to healthy eating and reaching a healthy weight? Are you wanting to excel in a sport? Our nutritional planning can help you overcome food and nutrition challenges and reach healthy eating goals! This service includes an assessment of your nutritional requirements and your current food intake paired with individualized education to meet your specific needs.

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