How to Join

  • How to Join CrossFit Eden
Step One
As a small, community-based facility, it is important for us to get to know all of our potential clients.  To accomplish this, we ask that all of our new members start by setting up an initial consultation with Bryan.  Here we can answer any questions you may have regarding CrossFit, as well as get a feel for how we can best help you reach your goals. We will also present you with all of your potential options for joining our community.  To set up an appointment, please visit click here
Step Two
Clients interested in our CrossFit classes begin with a personalized fundamentals program designed to introduce our methodology, coaches, community, and facility.  This program consists of six one-on-one sessions with a certified coach.  We will cover some basic movements that we do in our typical classes and then finish with a conditioning workout.  At the end of this program, each client will have the ability to follow along with our traditional programming by scaling the weight and movements under the guidance of our coaches. We offer one group fundamentals program each month.  Email [email protected] to find out specific dates!

If you are interested in our NEW FIT30, KidFit, or CrossFit Teens you do NOT need to complete the fundamentals program, get started today, your first class is FREE!

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