CrossFit Eden prides itself on providing value for our clients by keeping prices as low as possible while simultaneously developing our coaches to provide ever-better instruction. Our pricing structure is different than traditional gyms in the area. Our focus is on your improvement and each class is taught by a certified coach in a safe and effective environment. CrossFit is essentially group personal training.

CrossFit Program

Individual Fundamentals Program


Six one-on-one sessions before CrossFit group classes

Individual 3x per week

$95 (monthly)

Individual Unlimited


10 class punch card



$15 (per class)

​Personal Training/Skill Sessions

$40 per hour; $25 half hour

Fit30 Program

Individual 3x Per Week

$65 (monthly)

10 Class Punch Card



$10 (per class)

Kid Fit and Teens Programs

Individual 1x Per Week

$32 (monthly)

Teen Individual 2x Per Week

$75 (monthly)


$10 (per class)

Monthly memberships auto-renew each month; must give 15 days notice of cancellation • We offer discounts for active military, veterans, emergency services personnel, teachers and full-time students • Family rates also available.

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