CrossFit Eden – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

Come early and stretch before class. We will do the warm up, set up and begin the metcon.

Warm-up: 400 meter light jog


2 Rounds:

20 Plate jumps

5 Plate squat cleans

5 Kip swings

5 Burpees


“NIKKI” (Time)

For time:

2 Rounds:

15 Squat clean @155/105

7 Ring muscle ups

15 Burpee box jump @ 24/20’’

Rest 2 minutes

2 rounds:

15 Power clean @155/105

15 Ring dips

15 Burpee over bar

Rest 2 minutes

2 rounds:

15 Front squat @155/105

15 CTB Pull-ups

15 Burpee to target

Team Version:

Team members share the work as needed

For time:

1 round:

60 Squat cleans @155/105

30 Ring muscle ups (or BMU)

60 Burpee box jump @ 24/20’’

Rest 2 minutes

2 rounds:

40 Power clean @155/105

30 Ring dips

40 Burpee over bar

Rest 2 minutes

3 rounds:

20 Front squat @155/105

20 CTB Pull-ups

20 Burpee to target

45 Minute Time Cap.
Nikki has been a member of our Crossfit gym since 2015 along with her

husband Stephen, who is one of our long time coaches. On August 1st,

Nikki gave birth to a healthy baby boy. About 12 hours later, she was

having trouble breathing, sending her into cardiac arrest where she coded

for 6 minutes. Once she was sent to ICU, she began having seizures and

was placed into a medically induced coma while doctors tried to figure out

a way to stop the seizures. No brain damage was found and all other

scans came back good, but doctors still could not figure out how to stop

the seizures. She was then moved to Duke Medical Center where a group

of neurologists continue to work to stop her seizures. They also have

another son who is 8 years old and now a newborn.